Effect of positive thinking in our mental health

By | April 16, 2016

Effect of positive thinking in our mental health. Every one each of us wants to be thinking positive and optimistic, but we can’t restrain the state of positive thinking in the long term, slowly we start to shift in negative thinking. What is the reason behind this; we do can’t able to maintain positive thinking. Our society, family, friends, all these factors depend on maintaining positive in life. We have made ourselves conditioned like a program to not maintain positive thinking. Your entire face on life changes once you reprogram your mind to be positive and proactive.

The following illustrates a positive belief.

There was a sage, who teaches his 2 students.  One of the students was positive thinking, he always thinks positive and welfare of others. And another student keeps thinking very negative and was very grumpy by nature.

One day sage took them to the forest to take a test. Thither was a mango tree in that forest, in that tree so many fresh and tangy mangoes were hanging on. Sage looked at the tree and said to them, look carefully at this tree. Then he asked his foremost student, tell me what you find out.  The first student said this tree is very base, people stoned on this tree and gives fruits yet saying anything. Likewise, a person should also be taking in the same quality, how much trouble he looks, he should never lose humanity and self-sacrifice.

Now sage asked to second students, what you see. He replied very angrily, this tree is deceitful, this mango tree never gives you fruit without cast a stone on it. We have cast a stone on this tree to get the fruits. Likewise, the man should also stand for things away from others. After hearing this ,sage laugh and asked to second student learn from the first student. Positive thinking profoundly impacts on our lives. Negative thinking badly impacts on our lives, negative thinker, always finds negativity even in good things.

For example

Roses surround with thorns, negative thinker thinks, there is no use of such beauty, which surrounded with thorns. While the positive thinker thinks, wow, what a beauty the roses, it is the greatest creation of an environment, it grows among the thorns. The thing is same, but the thinking is different.

Effects of positive things.

  • You are happier.
  • You are physically healthy.
  • You look forward to life and the following day.
  • You feel lighter and look fitter.
  • People want to be around and might stick with you as an example.
  • You are always being healthy and never depressed.
  • There are so many positive reasons.

So friends keep your thoughts positive and big, and then only we can achieve great things in life.

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