Failure is more important than success.

By | March 1, 2016

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 Failure is more important than success.

In every one’s life there always time comes where everything is working against you. May be you are a programmer, students anything else you are, where everything is against you.

Imagine you are a scholarly person, everyone rejects you or you are a businessman where everything wrong against you. May be any decision you have adopted and that’s led to dreadful and failure.

But in reality, failure is more important than success. A failure has the luck to discover another door, but success doesn’t need to find another doorway. If you insure the story in the world businessmen, scientists, and great persons have repeatedly bombed in their life and this failure goes to reliable success. If you are working on many things day and night and doing hard work, say you get failures in your hand so it is not necessarily you always bring success. And if you are considering how much hard work I do I always get failure in hand and you are giving up then you will never became succeed

Henry Ford “who is the billionaire and CEO of most popular  ford motor company. Before becoming a successful person Henry Ford worked in 5 different businesses, where he was failed. Any one in place of Henry ford may give up doing any other business. But Henry ford does not do that and today he was a billionaire and owner of Ford Company.

If you speak about failure Thomas Alva Edison, the first name that’s come. He failed 1000 times to create a light bulb.

Albert Einstein did not talk until the age of 4 and he was illiterate until the age of 7. People consider him as mentally weak. But  now he was a great scientist because of its strength of his theory and principles.

Now just think about if Henry ford after doing 5 unsuccessful businesses and get disappointed. And Edison gives up after 999 attempts to create a light bulb and if Einstein believes in himself I am mentally weak   I can’t do anything now. What will happen?

And then go on in your judgment that failure is more important than success. If you success there is no any door for you. If are a failure then many doors are exposed to you.









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