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Adsense is powered by Google and one of the best ways to earn money online. Adsense is most popular and trusted platform. Anyone can start making money online by creating websites, YouTube channels, and blogs.

I don’t need to tell much about Adsense and most of you almost know everything about Adsense.

In this, I will tell you, Google Adsense payment in India.

Many new bloggers, they have questions in their mind, how Google Adsense pays, in this post, I will try to cover related Adsense payment.

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Congralution, you have started making online income from Google Adsense. So what’s the next level?

First, when you reached you’re earning 10$, you have to verify your address, Google Adsense will send a pin code on your location within 30 days, this will be notified by Google on your Adsense dashboard.

This PIN must be entered and you have to verify your address, a point should be noted, you will never receive payment till you verify your address.

Great! After verifying your address, now your Google Adsense account is ready for receiving future payments.

How is Google Adsense earning counts?

Adsense pays you after reaching 100$, that’s meant the minimum payment of Adsense is 100$, below that no payment will be made. As you reach 100$, Google will issue your payment.

Adsense earning will finalize every month of the 3rd day.

For example, I have earned 50$ in the month January, and in the month of February of a 1st and 2nd day I have earned 4$, now on 3rd February, my total earnings will be finalized 54$.

Earning after 4th February it will count till 3rd of March, after reaching 100$, payment will be issued.

Adsense payment in India.

In India, you can receive Adsense payment in 2 ways.

  1. Direct bank account (through wire transfer).

If you have a bank account then wire transfer account is the best option for receiving payment, in wire transfer you don’t need to wait for payment, approx in 2 to3 days, you will receive payment through direct transfer into your account.

Google Adsense earlier used to pay through cheque in India, but in 2014 Google has started wire transfer facility.

Most of the Adsense users, who have a bank account, they opt wire transfer to receive money.

To make a direct money transfer to your bank account, you need to connect your bank account detail with Adsense in payment method.

The process to link your bank account with Google Adsense.

  • Login in your Google Adsense account and click on settings.
  • In settings clicks on payment options.
  • In payment options, click on “how to get paid” click on payment methods.
  • Now click on add payment

Now add here your bank details, your bank name, IFSCcode, swift-BIC code and account number and click on save settings.

In case, the swift-BIC code is not available in your bank branch then you can use another branch of the bank.

  1.  Through cheque. ( cancelled).

No more google adsense pays  to india in cheque mode.

In second payment option, you can receive money through cheque .In this payment meth

od, it takes time to receive money. First, it takes almost 20 to 30 days to receive a cheque at your location and then it takes extra 15 days to clear the cheque.

Nowadays no one receives payment through cheque, everyone opts for wire transfer because it is easy and safe.  If you have any problem receiving money through wire transfer, then only opt to cheque.

Final words.

I recommend you, not to wait for the cheque, it’s better to opt for wire transfer, so you can receive money as possible as.

Many people have a problem and confusion with swift-BIC code, as I said earlier, if your branch has not swift code, then you can use another bank branch code, for more information you can contact the bank.

For SBI bank account holders, they can use their main branch of your city swift-BIC code and private bank holder can use the main branch of country swift-code.

If you have any questions related to Adsense payment, you can ask through comment sections.


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