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HOW TO DEAL AND BEAT, COPE UP WITH EXAM STRESS AND ANXIETY.The word exam means to our few youngsters Tension, Stress, Pressure, Headache, Worry, Anxiety and Fear.

Common symptoms of exam phobia during exam time ;


  1. Loss of concentration.
  2. Negative self image
  3. Low or no communication.
  4. Loss of memory.
  5. Mood swings.
  6. Dysentery.
  7. Nervousness.
  8. Vomiting.
  9. Low confidence.
  10. Upset stomach.



From where does this exam stress come?

  • Pressure for getting good marks.
  • High expectation from parents and teacher.
  • In comparison with others.
  • Fear of being left alone.
  • Fear of rejection.
  • Fear of being ridiculed by parents, sibling, friends, teachers, neighbors etc.



Some of students this question always ask.

Why do I forget what I have learnt?

The reason are.

  1. No plan for study.
  2. No plan for revision.
  3. Not taking the right kind of rest.
  4. A mind filled with negative emotions.


Here I will provide you tips how to cope and handle the exam stress.


  • Plan your study: start planning for your study right now. Because planning helps you to manage your syllabus so that you can cover the whole syllabus easily. Prepare a feasible timetable. Many students I have seen, they prepare a hard timetable themselves and later they unable to continue with their timetable. So time table must be friendly so that you can cover the whole syllabus and manage such that you can take time out to play outdoor activity.
  • Schedule your subjects: schedule your subjects accordingly. Organize your subject first which you consider hard one. Divide your time schedule. Morning 3 hours, afternoon 3 hours, evening 3 hours, and night 3 hours. Take time out for Reading, Writing and Revision.
  • Take disciplinary action: The great man said that “discipline is half of your success”. Maintain Discipline. Act on your plan. Follow your schedule. Review your progress. If you don’t stick to time table, then ultimately wasting your time. Which is very important assets during exam time.
  • Improve your concentration: Sit in the same space at the same time to consider so that you can change by reversal to that environment.Put of all your distraction like mobile, tab, computers etc. Tell your family not to disturb you tell them this is your study time.
  • Exercise that help concentration. Do yoga its help to regain your concentration, it makes your mind calmness. Do deep breathing, stretching, listening to music, Mind maps, visualize your success.
  • Do the difficult subject first: start with the most difficult subject first, avoid postponing the unpleasant Ask for help to your subject teachers and friends, who are expertise.Refer to the additional reference other than your notes.
  • Be away from the rebuttal people: avoid listening and taking advice from your family member and friends who are hyper.
  • Avoid distraction: Biggest enemy for students is the social network. Avoid mobile and internet chat, tv cricket matches, avoid social occasion at home or neighbors.Avoid phone call from friends.
  • Take the right amount of rest: during study time takes small breaks, take the right amount of sleep everyday. Especially during exam time take sufficient amount of sleep, don’t skip sleep as it makes you lethargic and dull.
  • Focus on health. Health is wealth everyone know about this. Drink tons of water, consume wholesome meal, accept a fruit and dry fruits, a glass of milk and avoid junk and fast food.
  • Has a positive attitude: Think feel and see as you successful.



Best of luck for your exam.

Comment below to let me know how you use these simple tips during your exam time.


This awesome article is written by Mr. ESHWAR KUMAR.



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