How to speak English fluently and confidently in 30 days.

By | January 9, 2017

How to speak English fluently and confidently in 30 days, I am sharing my personal ideas regarding this subject “ how to talk English fluently” this is my personal persuasion, you may or might agree. If this post will benefit some people I would be felicitous. How to speak English fluently and confidently in 30 days  ??? 

This is true, but bitter, a country like India, learning spoken English is a large commercial enterprise. In Small cities, people are crazed to learn English, we can easily find ads related to an English speaking course in every corner of the street. “ Learn English in 60 hours” “ join our English speaking course to talk fluent English in 10 days”, join our ABC  school of speech, and so on.

Do these schools are really effective?

Perhaps not. They are already giving wrong expectations by setting the criteria. To learn any language in 60 days, it’s quite hard.  Only it can possible if you already know some basic English or you can memorize better than before by linking up those classes. If you don’t know anything about English, by joining those classes its a waste of time, money, and energy, so you can’t speak English properly. First, change your attitude toward learning English, it might help.

The myth related to speaking English.

You should know good grammar to speak fluent English.

Give a view on it, when you learned your mother tongue language, at that time do you learned the basic grammar first to speak good fluent. You have learned the language by hearing and speaking, not by cramming grammatic rules. I could speak well because I studied from a good English medium school. If you take the test of my grammar skills, I might not even pass.

  Can we learn or speak English in a few days?

No, you can’t learn good speaking English in a few days, it takes time, it depends on person to person. If you are learning other than your mother language it takes quite a time. It takes almost 6 months to learn good English.

For speaking good English, do we need a rich vocabulary?

No, knowing vocabulary is good, but not necessarily because you already know the basic vocabulary. I had seen so many people by cramming difficult vocabulary words. The use of correct vocabulary is to place the correct word in the correct sentence. Don’t mug up vocabulary, it’s only a waste of time and energy.

If you are believing in the above myths, then don’t consider it.

Follow the tips given below, so you can speak good fluent English without any fear and hesitation.

All of us are pretty aware that English is a universal language that is spoken globally throughout the earth. Even though Hindi is the national language of our country but in most of the southern and northern parts the English language is spoken next to Hindi and India is the second-largest country after the USA in which English is spoken widely as a result of which many software and It professionals are imported only from India and not from any other countries because others countries like China and Japan lack English communication skills as a result of which they are unable to survive and come up and get themselves adjusted to the foreign ambiance. This consistent import of software engineers from India is resulting in a brain drain as a result of which our economic development and national income are hampered.


*Tips to speak the English language fluently:

Start watching cartoons and kids friendly animated movies in English:-

Watching and listening is always better than blind and mere cramming of any language. sound and visuals have a strong impact on the minds of learners. Even if watching cartoons sound absurd, but trust me, that’s what which will amend you in speaking English a lot, it’s because cartoons are projected and dubbed in very comfortable and mild and in a quite understandable English word. If you could grasp this simple speech of cartoons that could assist you a great deal. After attaining fluency in this cartoon or caricature language, and so you can move to English movies where advanced English is spoken more profoundly.

Daily reading of Newspapers and other good English books:-

If you are a locality, then you could easily get The Hindustan times newspaper as the language used in Hindustan Times, Times of India, etc.. newspapers are a little easy and understandable. As soon as you get your newspaper in the morning,  the first thing you ought to do is read editorial column rather than reading headlines because letters to the editors are a rich source of knowledge and daily and continuous reading of it would definitely help you in the long run in improving your English communication skills. And reading good novels and inspirational and motivational autobiographies and books as well otherwise, Get to any nearby or any national libraries and obtain your membership card and establish a habit of studying good books at your leisure.

Listening to English podcasts:-

Another yet the most effective tip is listening podcasts. The podcast consists of a bunch of English speech and sentences very similar to dictionaries.ries. Make a habit of listening to podcasts daily. This daily continuous listening could help you a great deal and consider referring good dictionaries such as Oxford and Cambridge in the case of any questions you come across while listening or learning English.

Improve your vocabulary power only when you know the basic:-

There are many vocabulary building apps available in the google play store and apple store which you can download and make use of it by daily reading or you make a habit of reading a page of dictionary daily to improve and build your vocabulary power.

Create good ambiance:-

Ensure yourself to be in the company of some good allies and colleagues or good companions of your choice who has serious and sound knowledge of English and make yourself involve and participate voluntarily in any discussions, conversations or in any public debates in English.

Call customer care service and speak only in English.

If you are shy or you want to practice English speaking, and so the best path is to ring a call to the customer and ask your inquiry or talk with them exclusively in English. Some Customer care service is also free or you don’t have money, then ask them to call back by giving a missed call. You can speak to them, they also don’t know about you and you also don’t know them personally, hence there is no need to fear and hesitate or shy to talk with them. This is the best method to test your English knowledge.

Think in English only.

If any person thinks, he or she mostly thinks in their mother language. If you are committed to speaking in English then think only in English. This smaller effort than lead to reach your destination.

Use your bedroom mirror!

many times we know English, but there is a lack of eloquence in our English, to speak correct English, I had constantly used the mirror to correct the proper my English. Even though I use a mirror for preparations like presentation, interview. This is the best way to improve English. In this way, you can eradicate all your hesitation and fear within you.

All of us are somewhat aware that English is a universal language that is spoken globally throughout the globe. Just give a thought on it, if a million people can speak English, why can’t you speak English fluently.

But it’s not possible to speak English like a native speaker for non-native speakers.

Remember, the key to success is, the more you speak, the more will you improve and learn.

This post is written by Mr. Santosh prasad, he is pursuing an MA  in English.

Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge.

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