Love cricket, Girls Love cricket Indians love cricket.

By | February 3, 2020

Love cricket, Girls Love cricket Indians love cricket.

Not just me… But most of the Indians, including me, like & love cricket because

  1. In India, if a child is born. The 1st thing he holds is a CRICKET bat, not book… That’s why we love cricket…
  2. Kids use to play in the streets… whether it is hot or cold… whether anyone is saying them no… The passion keeps increasing with life passed & people like cricket…
  3. We are applied to seeing watching the likes of Dhoni, Sachin, Kohli… While growing… that increases our love for CRICKET too…

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Do girls love cricket?

We definitely get along!

Is there a more beautiful view than a perfectly timed straight drive or cover drive or a second power cut?

Is there something more gratifying than watching a perfectly executed Yorker goes on to strike the stumps?

Is there anything more depressing than coming up early to see a test match being played in Australia, switching on the TV and hearing Ravi Shastri saying, “ Edged… and taken.”?

I remember crying my heart out, when India lost in the 2003 world cup final against Australia.

I remember praying all I could for India to pull ahead, when India played Sri Lanka in the all-important match in the 2007 world cup.

Oh the dancing like a maniac when we won the T20 world cup in 2007.

And of course the 2011 WC.

Test cricket has always been my favorite though. Viewing and studying the game over 5 days, definitely has a nice feel to it.

I remember driving all the way to Pune to watch Sachin Tendulkar bat.

I get looks when I utter any cricket facts. “Why, you seem to know a lot about cricket for a girl!”

I will not focus on why Indians are not participating in other sports, but on answering the real query that why do people admire cricket a lot. Good, The Britishers took everything from us simply passed this beautiful game of Cricket. People set about playing cricket in India in the early days. The early people watched cricket and admired and loved it. Their children started copying them and started loving cricket. Cricket became too popular after Kapil Dev got us our maiden World Cup. People here who didn’t know anything about cricket also started watching the game. Indians became such lost in the appeal of this game, the elegance of players’ batting and beauty of bowling, the team spirit and many more things that they weren’t able to offer any time to other games. Cricket now was ready to reach to a new layer. Perhaps the fourth dimension has come when people would have gone to other games, but then there came a 16-year-old boy who destroyed every student’s life!!. SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR. He shifted the way people looked at cricket. Cricket now became a Religion and Sachin became God. It was Sachin who brought the love for Cricket you see today. Just watch the speech Sachin gave during his farewell and you will know What Cricket means to Sachin and billions of his fans. Who says no one knows Sachin outside India, apart from SRK, it’s Sachin who people know and love outside India. India will lift in other sports slowly and steadily, but the love for cricket will continue to hold out on forever.

Well In India It’s Kind Of True.

People Get Influenced By The Surroundings (I Mean The Company)

People Here Consider Cricket as Their Religion.

But On The Other Hand, We Have Countries Like England.

England’s National Sport Is Cricket But People Out Their Give Their Uttermost Importance To Football.

Therefore It Varies From Country To Country.

But In The End, We Find People Looking For Fame.

And Their End With A Dream (Wish) To Become Something Like A Cricketer or Footballer.

Cricket Has Its Own Way Of Influencing People. When You See Players Like Virat Kohli Getting Immense Attention, You Too Want To Be Like Him.

And Hence, You End Up Loving The Sport.

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