Motivational story – don’t give unnecessary advice.

By | April 10, 2016

Motivational story – don’t give unnecessary advice.




We often give advice to people for the sake of the well-being of others. But many times people don’t understand the intention what we want to convey them. Today I will share you this motivational and knowledge story.


“The story of weaver bird and monkey”


In a beautiful forest, the winter season has knocked. Every creature in the forest started planning and preparation to face cold season. Weaver bird was one of them, like as every year this year also prepared a beautiful nest, to avoid sudden rain and cold the bird has covered surround with grass and funs.


One day, during the rainy time of year, when the sky cloud covers with dark clouds it started raining really heavy.


Motivational stories are all around us


All the animals running here and there to protect from rain and cold. All animals ran into their protection.  Some monkey who was playing around on the trees also soaked and ran for shelter under a tree. They were throbbing and feeling low due to frigid. Somewhere sneezing and some were running a high temperature. When the bird saw them felt real sorry for them.


Weaver bird was watching everything how monkeys shivering due to cold. To motivate them bird said-  you monkeys are intelligent, but why you don’t build a shelter for yourself, roaming there and here every time. Hearing these monkeys got angry and remained silent and began to protect themselves from the rain.  After staying silent for a few minutes again weaver birds start making lectures. Listen monkeys look at our nest! We have built with our twigs and blades of grass that we picked up with our breaks though it took many of days we did not give up. It is a termination of our hard work that’s why we are sitting safely here today while you are getting soaked in the rainwater.


The rain started to beat down heavily now. Thither was a keen wind, Poor monkeys were shivering from cold and trying protecting themselves. Weaver bird pledged to wage and quoted “I wish you would have a little wisdom may be you don’t see this day.


Weaver bird has not thus far completed his lecture. Monkeys got angry and said to weaver birds loudly “absolutely silent” stop whispering. Stop giving your knowledge speech to us. Don’t try to become a priest. We know what to do- said monkeys.


But weaver bird pledged to wage and said- I am passing on this speech for your wellbeing. Straight off the rainy season has set in. You must not sit idle and waste the entire day in jumping from one branch to another. You must use your hands and feet to make a shelter for yourself.


Now the rain has stopped, monkey fully drenched and shivering badly and again a weaver bird said “ now learn next time to build a shelter. The monkey took the advice of the birds.  The monkeys decided to instruct them a deterrent example. Monkeys said we don’t cognize how to construct a shelter, but we do know how to break shelters. Offended monkeys climbed the tree to take their revenge from the raspberries. They gave away the bird’s eggs and destroyed their nests.

At once a weaver bird has no protection, birds also shivering in the frigidity.

The poor birds repented on giving advice that was unasked for.


Friends, it happens very often that people in trouble we must help them instead of that we started stripping giving advice. We can give advice 2-3 times of a good wisher but giving advice, again and again, can drive you to weaver bird condition.


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4 thoughts on “Motivational story – don’t give unnecessary advice.

  1. Vishal

    Why do the monkeys broked weaver bird eggs…..

    Weaver bird is only pretending his advice for betterment of monkeys only……

  2. Vishal

    Why do the monkeys broked weaver birds eggs…..

    Weaver is only pretending his adice only na for the betterment of monkeys only……

  3. Gyanvardaan

    yes. But if you go through the story carefully you will find weaver bird is giving advice but making fun of monkeys most of time.

  4. Vishal


    Satisfied from your reply…..

    Its better to help than….

    Conveying u r advice people feel like u r taunting them isnt it…..


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