Quit your job, if you want to become rich!

By | March 6, 2016

          Quit your job, if you want to become rich!


Have you asked yourself how to become rich?

Let’s do a little exercise. Think and make a list of any 5 rich persons who are residing in your location. Please don’t skip this exercise.


Now tell me from the above list is there any person who is performing the job professionally?


On my list there is no person who is doing the job, the name came to mind I would like to tell you.

I am from India, Vishakapatnam.These are those people.

  • Mr.Suresh. Who own and run his 5-star restaurant.
  • Mr.Raman Rao, who run his own medical university.
  • Mr.Eshwar Kumar, where we buy jewelry.
  • Mrs.Meghna, she is self-employed, run her own business.
  • Mr.Rao. Who runs his own hospital.


In the above list, one thing is common, they are job giver, but not a job seeker. They all are entrepreneurs and businessmen, but not an employer.

I inquired to my friends and colleague, this same question, they also replied, no one their list. However it is different if you force on your brain, you will maybe induce close to people who are engaged. Only these are perhaps older persons. You‘ll become rich by doing your white hair, then the job is not bad. 4-5 promotions and in 15 to 16 years you will become rich. In this way, you will become rich for your children not to yourself. You will enjoy only when became for yourself. If you want to get rich then you have to become an entrepreneur.


How to quit a job?

The question is right. But another big question arises what we will do after quitting the job. I another question rises in your intellect then I don’t hold an answer for that. Because the part comes from your heart.


Some people think giving the lecture is easy, but doing the task is hard. But it’s honest. Merely this is also true doing the task is difficult but not insufferable.


If Dheerubhai Ambani hasn’t given up petrol pump job, would it be their company like Reliance. If Narayana Murthy hasn’t left the job would be a company like Infosys barely existed.

There is so many successful people example around the corner of the world who left their job and now doing their own business. These are those people rag to riches.


But the same question still existed, how to quit the job? The solution to this question rests within you.

At the end, I would like to tell you. Not accepting any risk is the greatest danger. You can take the risk and follow what your heart pursues. Realize dreams into reality.


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