How to clear SSC CGL quantitative aptitude Easily

By | June 30, 2020

How to clear SSC CGL quantitative aptitude in the SSC exam. The toughest section of the SSC exam is quantitative aptitude. Maximum students are not able to clear prelims or mains due to quantitative aptitude.

This happens either; they do not make good in maths, or they have not practiced.

If your stronghold grip on to the math section, then there is no stopping you from clearing this exam. SSC Mains and Prelims’ most difficult section is maths.

There is only one way to learn this section well; that is practice; without practice, you can never learn this quantitative aptitude.

 There is a lot of videos available on YouTube on which they teach different tricks, how to solve, tricks in 1 minute and 2 seconds in 30 seconds.

 Believe me that all the tricks can never be applied in the exam because there is so much pressure, there is no memory of the exam.

Look, you should remember tables from 1 to 30, and squares should be remembered by  30 and cube by 20, so it should be basic.

There is no trick in the exam, who can practice well, he can pass the exam, students fail due to maths in SSC, prelims in SSC or mains face problem maths.

you have to practice a lot. Since then you will easily pass.

The last year SSC had come from the Maximum Questions from Mensuration Time and work, Geometry, trigonometry, average.  

Students do not read this topic much; that is the reason many students unable to clear the exam. Maximum who has clear this exam are the engineering students because they have a good hold in Maths.  

That is why I say practice questions and solutions from start to finish. Practice every day. Practice maximum questions.

Whenever you are preparing for an exam, read only one book; reading ten books will distract you, and nothing will happen.

Hold the same book, read it again, and master it. If anything, else will be cleared, then I have given you a link.

Please buy it from there, or you can also take it offline. Practice this book. You will also get cleared. A lot of students have been cleared, and this book is all used by this exam. You will also be there to clear.

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