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In India, from Playschools, nursery till high schools and higher secondary classes and from the bachelor’s degree to masters degrees as well, English subject remains in each and every walk of a student life. In fact, English is the main theme along with other major specialization. Even after your school life and college life also, the role of the English language doesn’t seem to end and won’t leave you at all. It will incline to proceed in your workplace as well. In campus placements of big and renowned colleges and universities, group discussions and the hiring process is entirely in English language and the one who receives proper and sound English communication skills are hired by negotiations. And most of the competitive examinations in India are based completely in English words. That is the importance of the English language.



1) *Read the instructions given at the top of the question paper carefully*: –

The first and foremost tip to score good marks in English is to read all the given instructions in the question paper carefully. Do give it a read and conform to it accordingly. Don’t be in a rush and don’t get tensed. So, before starting your paper, take out some sweet time in reading the instructions carefully. That would help you a lot.


2) *Attempt that section first which carries more weight*: –

As all of us aware of the question paper comprising of four sections carrying respective weights of marks, the first section consists of interpreting skills, the second division consists of writing skills, the third segment consists of grammar and last but not the least section consists of literature. As the English question paper seems to be always little lengthy,  try the section first, one which appears to be less lengthy and carries equal weight of marks in comparison to all other parts.


3) Set some appropriate time limit for each section*: –

Another important tip is to set some time limit to each and every section you are attempting according to your own convenience. That would entirely be possible if you will strictly observe the prescribed word limit.



4) *Deciding the order of sequence of attempting*: –

As there are four sections, the next step is without taking much time is to make a quick decision as to which section to be attempted first and the order of the next sequence of sections to be attempted. Remember, each and every minute is crucial so, attempt the sections little strategically.


5) *Presentation of answers*: –

Another important yet a useful point to score good marks is to present the results in a few brief and in a precise manner without too much of bluffing and exaggeration. And do remember your writing should be refined and clear.


6) *Give some more time to the section of writing skills and the section of Reading skills as well*: –

As the inquiries in the sections of reading skills and sections of writing accomplishments are little longer compared to another couple of segments, so allocate some extra time to these pair of subdivisions as it involves a great deal of thinking and implementation of your thoughts of it compared to literature and grammar sections which are done less easily without putting more efforts. Read the tips and elaborate in an efficient and simple manner, keeping in mind the prescribed time limit of each and every question.


Allow me to share my piece of experience with you wholly. The minute I got my question paper, the first step, I did was, I decided the order of a chronological succession of sections be attempted and then, I got away some sweet time of mine and marked the hints of Section (A) i.e of reading skills in order to preserve some time of mine while I undertake the section of reading skills. Then, I started the literature section firstly because I knew that it wouldn’t take much time in attempting as the stories of the literature part was known and I wouldn’t have to give any thoughts to write. Then secondly, I attempted grammar section as it was quite short compared to other sections and carries little excess weight compared to other sections, then, the section of writing skill was attempted by me because we’ve to put a lot of thoughts to implement it while writing and last but not the least I attempted  the  reading section, skill as I had mentioned earlier that I had marked it and it didn’t take me much effort. So, that was my strategy.

Remember English is a language, not a subject, subject like English, you can’t manage to score full marks but you can score more than 95 percent easily.

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This post is written by Santosh kumar, who is pursuing MA in English. He writes for magazines, books and newspaper articles.

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