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Hello, friends, in this post, we will talk about, which is the best means to earn money online, YouTube or Blogging/website.

You may be conjecturing which is the best source to make money online, everybody wants money, who don’t need? Everybody needs money !! Right ?. Making money online is not a tough task, patience and hard work required.

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Let’s get to the point, website and YouTube both are the best sources to attain money online. But, website and YouTube both have their own advantage and disadvantages.

If you are planning to make a website or a YouTube channel, then you must read this post. In this post, we will discuss in detail, why and which is the best to make money online. One thing is common, you have to play hard for earning online. You can’t become rich in an overnight. Patience and smart work require attaining money online. All over the globe, people generally prefer to earn money online through websites or YouTube. Many bloggers and YouTubers are there who earn money in dollars, only very few of them earn huge money.

First, we talk about YouTube and then the website.


We all know about YouTube, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. According to YouTube’s new policy, no ads will be displayed on your content unless you hold a total of 10,000 views, 1k subscribers and 4k hours watch time on your channel. Nowadays, many people prefer to watch videos than reading online. Because of low data cost, more and more people are coming to YouTube. You can easily make money by uploading videos. For uploading videos you need to create a YouTube channel, which is free of cost, for creating a YouTube channel, you need a Gmail account. Login to your Gmail account with YouTube and create a YouTube channel. It is the very easy process.

Advantages, making money from YouTube.

  1. Free of cost, you can make a channel free of cost.
  2. No need for maintenance.
  3. Free from hackers.
  4. No one can copy and paste your videos, if anybody does, you can sue copyright against him.
  5. No extra server and hosting cost for your videos, unlike website hosting.
  6. Easy to get traffic.



  1. Too much operational cost.
  2. Dfficult to get  10,000 views, 1k subscribers and 4k hours watch time on your channel.
  3. A Large quantity of data is needed to upload pictures.
  4. No control on monetization of videos.
  5. Difficult to earn money from affiliate links.
  6. Too much time required to create a video.
  7. More expenses, generate for creating a video.
  8. Good camera and heavy videos, editing skill required.
  9. You are the brand for your channel, suppose any other person upload videos in your channel, most likely no one comparable to watch your channel. No, teamwork works here.
  10. If data charge a raise, most likely people will not watch videos and prefer blogs and site.
  11. You need to create a script for every video, and then you have to speak with the good video background then you have edit the videos, which is quite cumbersome.


Web sites or Blogging.

You can make huge money from blogs, but you can’t make money initially, You can easily create a blog, there are two types of blogging platform, free and paid, in free, you can’t make money, in paid you can monetize your website using a different monetizing platform. I recommend, move to paid one if you’re planning, to create a website. In blogging, you will discover more things than YouTube, you will learn about SEO, SEM (DIGITAL MARKETING).

Advantages, making money from blog or website.

  1. You have total control of your website, you change or modify as you want.
  2. You can monetize your website, as with many ad publishers.
  3. You will learn new things, like digital marketing (SEM, SEO). And you also gain technical skills.
  4. Your income depends upon how much traffic you are generating.
  5. Time saving and helpful. You can post as many as possible with a short time.
  6. You can ferment with your team, your leadership quality will increase.
  7. You can delegate your work with your team members.
  8. Easy to do affiliate marketing, as compared to YouTube.
  9. You can write and post, only you need a mobile with an internet connection.



  1. Competition is high, difficult to bring traffic.
  2. Some patience is required.
  3. Easily your website gets targeted by hackers.
  4. Maintenance is expensive and difficult.
  5. You have to renew your domain and hosting annually.
  6. Your site content can be easily plagiarism.


If you compare both, YouTube and website, which is best, I prefer web site is best to attain money online, it’s quite interesting and ongoing learning process but in initial stages, blogging is rather dull. On YouTube, time-consuming for making and editing videos, but the end breathtaking.


If I had missed any point, then drop a line in the comment box. I will add more points to this post.

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